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Break the Relapse Cycle

Our Innovative Approach 

This program was designed to specifically address the gaps in all current addiction treatment programs and models.  We have entirely rewritten the way we address addiction.  The current system has tried the same approaches for well over 100 years.  It isn't working.

Revive and Thrive is the first and only model of its kind today. Through sound evidence based psychological and sociological research, we believe we can beat the relapse cycle by addressing these gaps and changing the way society views addiction. 

Current Statistics

On Average a person goes through Detox and Treatment a minimum of 5 times 

40-60% Relapse in the FIRST 30 Days 

85% Relapse in the FIRST Year

73.4 % of Emergency Room visits are from people who were treated for mental health/addiction

7 out of 10 of these people are unemployed

Even though they have skills and want to work due to discrimination and stigma

We know these numbers are accurate 

We also know every reason why this happens and will continue to happen until we do something different. 

At Revive and Thrive We can change your Path and Give you a DIFFERENT result using our innovative approach, we can beat the system and


Barista Serving Coffee

Job Opportunities

Revive and Thrive is dedicated to providing personalized opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential. We address the barriers faced in finding employment by partnering with local businesses to challenge stigma and discrimination. Through our placements, we offer real opportunities without judgment, emphasizing the importance of second chances.

Join us in creating an inclusive environment where growth and support are valued.

Family Meal

Re-Establishing Connections

At Revive and Thrive, we recognize the transformative power of fostering a supportive environment for change. We understand you have experienced significant challenges and made mistakes, reaching out to those we hurt is hard and more difficult to explain why. That's why our dedicated advocates are here to provide assistance by making difficult calls on your behalf. Through our family therapy programs, we aim to rebuild and strengthen important connections, enabling positive growth and healing.

Group Therapy

Group and Life Skills Training

Revive and Thrive cannot understate the value of social and life skill training.  Felt like an outsider your whole life? You've made steps to change your life but don't feel like you fit in, noone understands your struggles, the new program is hard, whatever the challenge, we are dedicated to the steps in your journey.   Life and social skills training are important components of addiction recovery. Our programs are designed to help you overcome barriers, develop new life skills, and effectively communicate with others. 

At Revive and Thrive we believe the opportunities we are providing are useless unless we also give you the skills to succeed. 

“Recovery is not easy, but it's worth it.

At Revive and Thrive, we have a better way!

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